Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Maker-Mania @SNIST||04 April 2014

Hello All,

        While we were busy with the Community Meetup, India, My fellows of Firefox Club@SNIST had their first Total Hands-on Webmaker Party in my college.


  • Intro to FSA Program.
  • Intro to Webmaker tools.
  • Intro to HTML and CSS
  • Getting started with Thimble,Popcorn Maker,X-Ray Goggles.
  • Hacking starts.
  • Call for Testers to test our Firefox OS Tablets.

Date and Time: 4th April,2014|| 04:00 to 07:00.

Number of Attendees: 40+

Place: Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology.

Take Aways:
  • 25+ makes were published.
  • 45+ makes were made.
  • 10+ Mozillians are recruited into the club.

           The party started with Intro to Mozilla and FSA and Continued with the Hands-on session on Thimble and Popcorn maker.The X-ray goggling excited them a lot and they started trying out stupid things with our own College Website.

                Finally the People who got selected for the Firefox OS Tablet Distribution program has announced an open Challenge for the Testers|Developers to test their devices and report as many bugs as they can find.

            Congrats Sudarshan and Manikanta for getting selected for the Firefox OS Tablet Distribution Program.Hope you enjoy testing the device.

          Thank you guys Rohith Raj,Sumanth,Harsha and Upender Reddy for making such wonderful party and Contributing to Mozilla.

Few Makes:

  • https://sreeshma.makes.org/popcorn/1wx1
  • https://opendesign.makes.org/thimble/MTY3MjgwNjQwMA==/vintage-newspaper
  • https://sindhuja.makes.org/thimble/LTE1MzE3MDczOTI=/postcard
  • https://sajida.makes.org/popcorn/1wwg
  • https://sathya.makes.org/thimble/LTE0NjQ1OTg1Mjg=/hp
  • https://destinyguykaran.makes.org/thimble/MTc5MDI0NjkxMg==/meme-maker
  • https://destinyguykaran.makes.org/popcorn/1wx2
  • https://veeramanikanta.makes.org/thimble/janasena
  • https://sreeshma.makes.org/thimble/MTg3NDEzMjk5Mg==/greeting
  • http://destinyguykaran.makes.org/goggles/destinyguykarans-remix-of-welcome-to-sreenidhi-institute-of-science-and-technology-home-
  • http://shivam_velagapudi.makes.org/goggles/shivam_velagapudis-remix-of-youtube
  • https://sajida.makes.org/thimble/MTYwNTY5NzUzNg==/movie-poster
  • https://sajida.makes.org/thimble/MTU3MjE0MzEwNA==/meme-maker
  • https://ranjithkumar953.makes.org/thimble/LTE1ODIwMzkwNDA=/movie-poster

                           Thank you.

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