Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hive @Vizag helped me to explore the creative side in me,it helped me to catch up with painting which I left 6 years before,it was a platform for me to meet my Fellow mozillians for the first time,it taught me how to organise such a big event,it introduced me to the Latest technologies such as 3D printing,it helped me to get through many like minded people and I have much more to say.

        It was a very long journey for me travelling from Hyderabad to Vizak for about 12 long hours. Even watching movie at night in the bus seemed different for me at that time. I was very excited about the Event as this would be my First encounter with other fellow mozillians and also a bit tensed about how they take me or how I do the things assigned to me. I could not even sleep for the whole night out of excitement.I reached Hotel Royal Fort in the morning,got Freshup and reached the venue.

        It was Half an hour journey from my hotel to reach GITAM University,one of the Top University in India. it was a perfect journey to be experienced,Covered by the Sea on one side and Kailasagiri Hills on the other Side.Finally reached the venue and the DAY 1 Event named "Train the Trainer" tookoff.The First day went started of with a different kind of program named "Spectogram" to make the volunteers more involved and interested with our Maker Party. I infact enjoyed a lot debating with the students. Then the session of Ankit Started with Intro to Mozilla,WebMaker and Hive followed by the jobs to be done during the Hive Party.The presentation can be downloaded here .Later the volunteers prepared a plan and spoke about what they are going to do for the next day or what they are going to create for the Next day Maker Party. I know a few events before ,from the planning pad we had but there were a lot more events and each event has doubled my expectation about Hive. I spoke to each individual team about their activities for the next day and they look well prepared for the next Day. The one which excited me a lot was "Origami". I always used to see awesome works and handicrafts made from paper in the Internet but I thought making them in reality would be more fun. 

          In the Evening people started arranging their own stalls,sticking Charts to their tables and Walls and Preparations for their respective stalls were done.Later we went to the Hotel had dinner and slept pretty early as we need to get up soon for the next Biggest Day.

          Finally The Big Day Time. The volunteers were already busy with their works at the time when we reached the venue. Everyone was busy with their own Stuff to do.Sometimes you  need to try hard to avoid Awkwardness in such situations. ;) So I started taking pics of those busy volunteers and their stalls decorated with charts and other colorful items.I brought my Leap Motion Device for the Hive party to show them up. People started playing with it at the respective stall. I along with Ankit Gadgil and Gauthamraj  Moved along all the stalls and went through each stuff of them.

         The 3-D Printing stall of Redd Robotics Stands on Top among them.Using simple plastic coil and a 20cm *10cm device they made many awesome crafts.There was also an android device controlled Remote Car,Robotic arm and an android controlled LED device. 

        We took a lot of pics and covered few videos of some awesome stalls. There was another stall Named "stop motion animation" .With a piece of clay,a DSLR and few creative thoughts they made awesome animated videos. This is the same way how they make cartoon movies like Pingu and Noddy.

        I soon moved on to the robotics stall and started playing with Remote cars and Line followers along with ankit.In a few minutes we messed up the wires but finally got it to the normal state. ;)

        We then moved on to our next stall of "Hack a T-shirt" . we started painting our T-shirts by ourselves with our names, Mozilla Logos,our Tag lines and a few designs too.I felt awesome painting my own T-shirt.It remembered me of my old times when i used to paint in my school days. 

        Next comes "Origami", My favourite stall. They taught me how to make treasure boxes,Birds,Flowers,A big swan using small pieces of folded papers and many more.One thing I forgot to learn was how to make a Rocket which flies very High. ;)

         There were many other stalls concentrated on only Mozilla Web Maker Tools such as Thimble and Popcorn maker. Some people were making Dynamic digital stories, a short movie with a few animated gifs,Video remixing using Popcorn maker.

         There was another stall which I want to mention about,it is Music Jam. They taught me how easy it is to compose our own music with a simple software.

           Finally we are done with Hive.Lots of memories are still with me.Made many friends and had lots of fun in teaching what we know and learning what we don't know.It's FOXY time now. :)

      Thank you Vineel for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Vikas, You and your team did an awesome job.I could describe it as the best Maker Party in that I have attended. Thank you Machas GauthamRajAnkit  and Galaxy for your kind support and suggestions and Thank you shreyas for joining me at the event. Hope to see you Guys again.

        Thank you Mozilla India!




  1. It's Just Awesome :D ,Sad part is i couldn't make it out :(

  2. Good One ..!Waiting for the day to host the event in our college...