Tuesday, 22 April 2014

App-Days,Indore|| 29th Mar 2014

Well, It has been a long time since I blogged ( *Exams Time ). Now its my time to tell about some wonderful experience I Had before few days @App Days,Indore, a full day hands on Application development for Firefox OS.

        I was excited about this App Days from about a month and it got many reasons.
  • Firstly,My first App Days outside Andhra Pradesh.
  • Secondly, it is going to be my First session to people outside my state.
  • Nextly* ,Going to meet many fellow mozillians like Jai,rishav,deep raj,shafique and many more.
  • Nextly, Got a chance to learn much from fellow geeks.
  • Finally, My first Flight ^_^ (Thank you Mozilla).

     Reached Indore before a night and a Faculty from Oriental University Mayank,came to receive me at the Airport. The conversation with him went on for an hour about App Days,Our Schedule,Our objectives, Our Team and many more.Later I met Guys Deep Raj and Shafique for the first time. It was the first time I met them but it was like we Know each other from many days as we used to speak on facebook. It was about 2:00 in the night but still we were discussing about the Next Day.

Finally Its our day!!! We got a grand welcome from the Concerned college Management and our App Days started on Proposed time.It started with a Traditional way of Lightening of the Lamp and Shafique started with a warm welcome and addressed the students. Now Its my turn to Take on. I Started Speaking about Open Source,Mozilla,Its Mission,Different ways to get involved with Mozilla,A short Intro about web maker tools,Different products from Mozilla and Finally Firefox OS. The presentation can be downloaded from here Download from here . Later Rishav and Jai spoke about Firefox OS,Its Architecture,App development for firefox OS and many more.

The Hands on session started after Lunch and people were really surprised about how easy it is to develop Apps for Firefox OS. Developing apps for firefox OS has always been easy as it does not require any high end additional hardware support or any Specific IDE. A simple Notepad and a Firefox OS emulator Add on is enough to develop apps for firefox OS.

At the end of the Day we met the Vice chancellor of that college. He appreciated us a lot for our contribution and encouraged us to do many more. The Management was too supportive throughout the Event and they played an important role in the Success of the Event.

Finally our group time.

Thank you Mozilla India for giving me such Oppurtunity. Thank you Galaxy for your all time Encouragement,Support and Feedback.

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