Tuesday, 27 May 2014

FSA Meetup @Hyderabad||24th May 2014

    Two amazing things Happened to me on the same day and each thing is so important to me than the other. And Here is the day 24th May,2014. Morning The FSA Meetup @ Hyderabad,A big milestone for Mozilla Club Hyderabad and At Night I got selected as a Mozilla Rep,A big Milestone in my journey as a Mozillian.

First of all Let me thank a few people who Took their time attended the FSA Meet and Helping out the FSA's in the best possible way. Thank you Vineel for coming up to the meet and helping out with their questions.Thanks a lot Galaxy for taking your Time,Travelling so far from Bangalore and assisting the FSA's and helping them out with The FSA Program. Thanks Vikas for turning up to the Meet with your team and am happy to meet them all again. Finally Thanks to Srikar for being with me in organizing this big Party.

Agenda for the Meet:

  • Activities done so far by the FSA Clubs.
  • Activities done so far by the FSA Leads.
  • Activities done so far by the FSA's.
  • Clarify the doubts regarding FSA Program.
  • Preparing a Road map for the Upcoming activities.

Schedule for the Meet:

  • Intro of FSA's.
  • Intro of Reps and Rep Mentors.
  • Intro of FSA Program by Galaxy.
  • Discussion about FSA's and their past Actities.
  • Questions and answers.
  • And Finally Lunch!! :D

                  We had 16 enthusiastic FSA's from about 7 colleges.People discussed about various projects they are involved with.Some were working on Localization,Some on web maker tools,Some on App Development for Firefox OS,Few people are Webmaker mentors,Some belong to Army of Awesome,Few in User Reasearch and many more. It was great seeing all the people from different contribution areas at a Place. Later we discussed about the Upcoming activities in all the colleges.

Events Planned So Far:

  • Web maker parties.
  • Total Hands on web maker events.
  • Application dev for Firefox OS(App Marathon).
  • Inauguration of Firefox Clubs in two New colleges.
  • Firefox OS App Days.

Finally A group pic Time.Thank you FSA's for attending the Meet and Thanks for your Contributions done so far.Hope Your Journey Continues with Mozilla.

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