Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Journey towards Firefox OS Application Development

           OMGGG!!!Developing Mobile Applications without an IDE?Are you kidding me?Without Changing a single line of code? May be in your dreams(*I thought)...With full support of HTML5 included with new set of API's? Hahaha...Now am sure you must be kidding...

    These are my first reactions I gave after seeing the website .I have been a Mobile Application Developer from the past 10 months and has been developing applications for Windows phone and Nokia Asha Series but as a developer I never got satisfied with my work.It all happened about a couple of months ago when I got Selected as Firefox Student Ambassador. "App of the Month"contest is running from the past two months with a new special theme for every month.The Contest is Really Exciting but I could not participate in it for the past months because of some other stuff. Finally The theme for September is being announced as "Study" and This time I am not gonna leave you is what all i actually thought.As I am new to this environment I started out with a simple Hello World app and wrote the required app manifest file but i could not run it on the emulator(*some evil minded errors and warnings interrupted me).So I had two choices, either to leave this shit or clean this shit(As a mozillian I selected the later one). I started Googling all the errors,read many developer blogs,used some sample app manifest files.Anyhow i made it(*Thanks Google and my fellow Mozillians).
       The First stage of my Application development with theme as "STUDY" has begun with BrainStorming, Information Bubbling, Discussions, Free Writing, Being Creative(*Most difficult part for a Coder!!!Yeah it hurts.) After 3 days of continuos Analysis I came to Realise that Even I am a Student and I have better idea about theme STUDY :O (*The Funniest Part) ...Then I got an Idea to develop my application.What I thought is Why dont I make an Application which helps students(*with Short term memory loss Like me) to remember the Essential things that are required while going out for a Study or an Exam like pen,pencil,eraser kind of things(*so important sometimes) so that people could check the list before leaving out for a night out or exam.Yipeeeee!!!The Crucial stage of application development(*getting an Idea) is done which is later followed by Designing and Coding.Now the final Stage of Running it into the Marketplace, which is no way better than playing a game of "Truth or Dare" is on.I uploaded my app into the store ***Errors*** . not a problem!!! I should wonder if I did'nt get any errors in the First attempt. There came IRC(*My saviour).I pinged to one of IRC Channels #marketplace.The guys were really amazing and also so kind(*Yes I mean it!!!).They listen to all your dumbstruck,stupid,silly problems and comes up with an ultimate,awesome,victorious solutions.One after the other I solved out all the errors and successfully uploaded my app around 2:00 AM.Yes!!! midnight is the finest time for making some things to happen.people get some Magical Powers during this time which helps them to come up with new theories to solve out some hilarious problems.
     Choosing an app name is as important as picking up a Title for a New Hollywood Movie.I had questions in my mind while choosing the name.What does my app do?(Helps to remember things) Any movie name which is apt for the present situation..."REMEMBER ME"...yeah It feels silly but Robert Pattinson helped me to choose a name For my Application.Finally I got my app Reviewed and Approved in less than a day.
      Hufff!!!Finally a Happy Ending same as that of a bollywood movie in which villian dies or go to jail(Like my errors),Hero and Heroine gets married (like my app got published),Claps and Comments from the audience(like rating and review for my app)...

        Hope this Journey Continues!!! :) 


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